This is my blog about Light and Love.

These pages will share the things that I write, the things that I love, my expressions from the heart. Thank you for stopping by, Feel free to follow me and write some of your own. This is my escape from Politics and hatred. Its an escape into our own hearts, our real life as we choose to live it. It is my hope to touch many people, to share in the raw emotions of the life we live and the love we give…That’s what it is all about!


Its a Dewey day.

Its rainy, its’ sad.

You yowl at us from the bedroom door

We snuggle you like a security blanket.

We pray to make you comfortable.

You have so much trust in us

In all your confusion,

Your eyes, they still show love

Deep within, you know and we know.

Its time, Ellie awaits you,

Its time for you to leave this space that you’ve grown

yes….for you to find the bridge to your heavenly home.

FMS 4/15/19